Waterproof TV

With a waterproof television you'll be able to watch your favourite TV shows whilst you relax in the bath after a long day. You could also catch up with the latest news!

Waterproof TV's are easy to install and come with everything you need to complete the installation.

They feature all of the usual things you'd expect from a television including Freeview tuners, remote controls (waterproof of course!) and a number of inputs for audio and video equipment to be connected to your system.


Add Speakers

Pair your waterproof TV with a set of bluetooth ceiling speakers for great sound. You'll also be able to stream music from your smart phone or tablet directly to the speakers! The ultimate bathroom entertainment system!


Waterproof Mirror TV's


You can even get a waterproof TV that looks and works like a normal mirror when it is not switched on! This is great for a discreet multi purpose installation in your bathroom.