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The new Niles Auriel MRC-6430 simplifies whole-home audio with expandable six-source, six-zone audio control running the new Auriel™ intelligent software.

  • Chassis Control: Six unique zones with six distinct input sources. The MRC-6430 is the leading solution for multi-room audio integrating automation and A/V control.
  • Source Control: Two-way metadata, IP and IR control of a variety of popular devices. Auriel includes an extensive pre-defined IR database.
  • Home Theater Control: Manage audio and video components effortlessly and turn any home into an enviable oasis.
  • Easy Configuration: Tablet-based configuration eliminates hours of complicated programming. The MRC-6430 wizard easily configures macros, user interfaces and end user favorites in just minutes.
  • Mobile App: iOS and Android applications control the Niles MRC-6430 to queue up soothing sounds at a moment's notice.
  • Best-in-Class Software Platform: The Niles Auriel software platform scales for feature expansion including lighting control and climate/thermostat control.
  • TCP/IP: A simple backbone for control with no proprietary wiring.
  • Metadata: When connected to compatible devices, Niles Auriel delivers metadata to the industry's widest selection of user interfaces.