Sonos Outdoor Speakers

Sonos Outdoor Speakers

Don't let the party stop in the garden, get some outdoor speakers for your Sonos!

Your garden music will play like every other one of your Sonos zones, you can even group it with the kitchen.

Sonos Garden Speakers are a great way forward as you avoid any range issues that you may encounter with Bluetooth systems. You'll need good Wi-Fi to talk to the Sonos Connect AMP itself, but the music will stream from the Connect AMP which we recommend that you hard-wire to your home router.

There are a few different ways of adding music outside from wall mounted speakers to rock shaped speakers connected to a Sonos Connect AMP.

Sonos Outdoor Wall Mounted Speakers

Wall mounted speakers are a great way to add music to your garden, especially with Sonos. 

They are available in various different shapes, sizes and colours from numerous top manufacturers.

We've got all the best ones here from top brands such as Monitor Audio, Q Install, Lithe Audio, Polk Audio & more.

The most popular ones have got to be the Q Acoustics Qi65EW or the Monitor Audio CL50's - great speakers at great prices.

If you're looking to add music to a smaller area and don't want multiple speakers then take a look at the Monitor Audio CL60-T2 which is a single stereo outdoor speaker - one physical speaker but it plays both left and right audio channels.

Sonos Outdoor Rock Speakers

For a more discreet speaker system then it's worth considering some rock speakers.

These sound great with full 6.5" drivers, but they're cunningly disguised as a rock!

Your best choices will be the Q Install QI65LW 6.5" Rock Speaker or the Lithe Audio 6.5" Passive Rock Speaker - both top brands providing high quality outdoor speakers.

Things To Consider

If you're going to be running cables outside then you should be looking at a proper outdoor speaker cable as they appropriately rated for UV exposure and water ingress.

All outdoor speaker connections should be made with watertight junction boxes or connectors.

Provided the speakers are 8 ohms then you can connect up to two pairs directly to a Sonos Connect AMP. Bear in mind though that you'll reduce the overall power, but you will increase sound coverage and the trick to good garden audio is to have good sound coverage!