Sonos Bathroom Speakers

Sonos Bathroom Speakers

There's nothing better than relaxing in the bath with some chill out music playing in the background, but it's not really ideal to leave a Sonos Play speaker on the side.. especially as they are 230v mains powered.

Recipe for disaster!

Luckily this is easily resolved with some Sonos Bathroom Speakers consisting of the Sonos Connect AMP and some suitable waterproof ceiling speakers.

Now you'll be able to listen to high quality room filling sound from a discreet ceiling speaker.

The music is controlled on the Sonos app as per all your other Sonos speakers so it provides seamless integration.

Sonos Bathroom Speakers For Small Bathrooms

The average UK bathroom generally doesn't require two speakers to be installed, as such our most popular bathroom ceiling speaker is the Q Install QI65CW-ST.

This has a left and a right input for stereo playback and works really well with the Sonos Connect AMP.

Sonos Bathroom Speakers For Larger Bathrooms

If you've got a larger bathroom with enough space for two ceiling speakers then you have a few more options.

We find that the Q Install QI65CW and the QI50CW are really popular choices, they sound great, look good and are compatible with the Sonos Connect AMP.

It's also worth looking at the Monitor Audio AWC 6.5" speakers and the very well priced Lithe Audio IP44 6.5" Ceiling Speakers

Remember that the Sonos Connect AMP needs to be installed safely out of harms way. The speakers themselves are passive and appropriately rated for the bathroom. 

If you are looking to put the speaker directly in a shower cubicle then we'd recommend opting for the Q Install QI CW range or the Monitor Audio AWC as they are best suited to this.