Waterproof Ceiling Speakers

Waterproof Ceiling Speakers

Wet room & weatherproof speakers are ideal for hot tub areas, saunas, wet rooms, external covered areas (i.e swimming pool with open air pool bar for instance).

They differ from standard speakers because of the electronics in the speaker are dipped in plastic to prevent corrosion to the copper which means that when used in high moisture areas, they will last far longer than standard speakers.

Whilst it is generally "safe" to use any ceiling speaker in a wet environment, the lifespan of that speaker will be greatly reduced and the sound quality will be affected. Avoid ceiling speakers with a paper/cardboard cone for obvious reasons! We really reccomend using the right tool for the job, that's why we've created this section to make it easy to choose some wet room ceiling speakers.


IP Rated Ceiling Speakers


Our waterproof ceiling speakers are IP rated so that you know they are suitable for your wet room or shower. We even have a range of marine grade speakers which are safe to use in saunas and steam rooms!