Niles Audio CM Series Ceiling Speakers

Niles didn’t become The First Name in Custom Installation® overnight. One of the keys to our success has been our Application Specific Design Philosophy – loudspeakers that are designed for a specific purpose and organized based upon logical groupings and functions.

The new CM Series takes that idea even further.

When developing the CM Series, we took care to integrate many of the great features of our incredible DS models, from the stylish round or optional square MicroThin™ grilles that disappear into the décor to the advanced driver technology of our UltraSilk™, Teteron and top-of-the-line nano-coated IMPACT (Improved Aluminum Ceramic Technology) woofers and tweeters.

All of this comes together in each model to deliver the defined bass, silky-smooth mid-ranges and crisp vocals you have come to expect from Niles.

With our CM series, you now have even more options to select the best speaker for each particular function and location in a home.

Even better, upgrading any of the locations to a different model is now as easy as can be with a full range of models all using the same hole size.