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In ceiling speakers are a great way of providing sound to your kitchen, bathroom or other areas in the house. We have a nice range of in ceiling speakers varying from budget Adastra speakers to high quality and great value Q Acoustics Q Install ceiling speakers which are great for all home audio applications. We also have a great range of in wall speakers from Q Install suitable for home cinema speakers or for general background audio where it might not be possible to install a ceiling speaker. We also have in wall subwoofers for that extra bass!


Outdoor Garden Speakers


Don't let the party stop when you go outside! We have a range of on wall outdoor speakers great for BBQ areas or around the pool. For more subtle installlations we have the great garden rock speakers which blend in with your garden yet produce excellent sound from the 50W 6.5" speaker.  


WiFi Wireless Ceiling Speakers  Look out for this logo on our products...AirPlay Logo

Our WiFi wireless ceiling speakers feature AirPlay and DLNA connectivity which allows you to stream from any AirPlay or DLNA enabled device such as a smart phone or tablet. The great benefit of wireless ceiling speakers is that they are very easy to install or retro fit into an existing ceiling, and you can create wireless multi room zones to play the same or different music in each area all controlled either directly from your phone via AirPlay/DLNA or via the Lithe Audio . These WiFi Wireless ceiling speaker are great for multi room audio system or for stand alone kitchens and bathrooms.