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Home Audio System Selector Tool

System Selector Tool

Easily narrow down the systems to the one most suited to you based on the features.

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Ceiling Speaker Placement & Room Size Guide

Guide To Room Layout
& Speaker Placement

Our overview of how to design a speaker system to suit your room shape and size.

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Guide To Ceiling Speaker Fire Hoods For Fire Protection & Acoustic Properties

Ceiling Speaker
Fire Hood Guide

Everything you need to know about requirements for fire protection & regulations.

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Guide To Speaker Switches & Impedances

Guide To Speaker Switches & Impedances

Need more than two speakers in your room? You need to read this guide...

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Guide To Bathroom Zones

Guide To
Bathroom Zones

Learn where you can and can't put speakers and other audio products in your bathroom.

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Speaker System Wiring Guides

Wiring Guides

Wiring diagrams and tutorials for the most common speaker systems.

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Home Audio Ceiling Speaker Videos

Product Videos

View our range of product videos, tutorials and box openings on our YouTube channel.

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