Spa & Hot Tub Speakers

Spa & Hot Tub Speakers

Your hot tub really is the ultimate way to relax at home. And what better place to listen to music? We have a range of hot tub audio solutions suitable for almost any hot tub scenario!


Speaker Options


Your hot tubs location will decide on the speaker system used, we have solutions that can be mounted directly on the hot tub for free-standing tubs. You could have wall mounted or rock speakers on nearby decking/patios, especially good for recessed hot tubs. Whatever your hot tubs design we more than likely have a suitable solution or we'll be able to create a bespoke package for you.


Control Options


Bluetooth is easily the most popular source of music streaming now. Almost all of our radio systems feature bluetooth, with our systems you'll be able to listen to music form your smart phone or tablet and control it from a waterproof remote control, keeping your expensive phone safely out of harms way! As more and more smart phones are now waterpoof this makes systems even easier as you can still use your phone to control the audio without worrying about it getting splashed or sitting in puddles of water!