FM/DAB Radio Outdoor Speakers

FM/DAB Radio Outdoor Speakers

So you love gardening but you don't want to stop listening to your favourite radio stations?

Then why not consider a discreet garden audio system! 

Our range includes various types of speakers in different styles to compliment your garden, from rock speakers to on wall speakers we have the perfect solution for your garden.


Listen To Radio & Stream Your Music


You'll be able to listen to your favourite FM radio station at the touch of a button! 

Our systems also feature bluetooth streaming so you can play a whole world of music from your smart phone including internet radio, Spotify, Deezer and even YouTube!


No Need To Annoy The Neighbours


Outdoor speakers doesn't mean you'll get an ASBO!

Don't worry!

In fact it could be the better solution all round. Discreet, well placed speakers mounted in your garden will provide a better sound coverage. This means they are a lot more neighbour-friendly than putting your hi-fi on maximum and opening the living room windows!