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Kitchens & Bathrooms are the most popular rooms for music!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Most of our systems can have up to two pairs of 8 ohm speakers directly connected.

If you need more than two pairs of speakers then you'll need to look to a speaker distribution switch along with a more powerful amplifier. Take a look at our speaker distribution section for some ready to install bundles.

If you are installing in ceiling speakers below a room then you should consider fitting speaker fire hoods.

You will also need to check with building control if you are installing speakers as part of a project as they will likely want to see fire hoods fitted.

Read our full guide to ceiling speaker fire hoods here.

The easiest way is to use one of our TV connection cables from the headphone output of your television to the speaker system input.

Different systems require different cables so check whether the input is 3.5mm jack or RCA.

We recommend using the headphone input as some of our systems can't regulate the volume themselves, i.e the Lithe Audio bluetooth speakers. If you were to connect these to a fixed level output they will play at full volume.

For most bathroom speaker applications you simply need a moisture resistant speaker. Quite a few standard ceiling speakers are moisture resistant and suitable for general bathroom use.

If however you have a steam room or wet room then you need to be looking at IP rated speakers. We have a great range of IP44 ceiling speakers here at great prices which we recommend for all bathroom applications.

Not necessarily, most of our systems will work sufficiently with the included internal aerials.

However, there are cases where your signal won't be good enough so we always recommend that you install an external or loft mounted aerial with your radio system, especially if you are doing a project where you can get cables around with relative ease.

We have a complete aerial kit here.

The main difference between single and multiroom audio is the ability to sync multiple rooms together to play the same music.

With single room systems you can play music in the room you are in only i.e the kitchen.

With multi room you could sync together the kitchen, dining room and patio to all play the same music.

Multiroom systems are usually app controlled too with various internet music services.

Read our multiroom audio guide here.

The Amazon Echo will connect to any Bluetooth speaker system that does not feature PIN protection.

We have quite a few Amazon Echo compatible systems here. The best of which being the Lithe Audio Bluetooth Speakers or the K&B Bluetooth Express.

See all our Echo compatible systems here.

Most of our systems can have a subwoofer connected, but some are via speaker level input only so need a specific subwoofer.

Best bet is to give us a call on 02393 190955 to discuss your options.

TV sound isn't usually great but luckily we have a few options to improve the sound.

You could connect your TV to your ceiling speaker system, install a 5.1 surround sound system or install a subwoofer under your TV.

Read our full guide here.

All of our ceiling speakers come complete with a metal grille whether the product picture shows it or not.

The grilles are most commonly white, some of our speakers may feature a different coloured grille but this will be very obvious in the product description and images.

Most of our systems come as a ready to install kit with all cabling etc that you'll need.

We have a detailed wiring diagrams page here to help you wire for the most common ceiling speaker scenarios.

The majority of our single and multi room solutions are designed for DIY or electrician/builder installation.

Because of this we don't offer an installation service for these systems as they are very easy and it would be cheaper and easier for you to engage with a local electrician.

We do however offer installation services for full professional multi room audio, commercial audio and home cinema systems. Please call us on 02393 190955 to discuss your project.