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Systemline: How do I pair a device to the E50?
26 May 2016 by Craig Walker

Pairing/connecting a Bluetooth music source



  1. The E50 is always in pairing mode. Navigate to the Bluetooth devices list on your phone or other Bluetooth transmitter device. Select Systemline E50(_n) from the device list. If the phone has not previously been paired a Bluetooth pairing request will be displayed on the phone. On the E50 the blue LED will flash.

  2. Press and hold the source key on the E50 until the blue LED stops flashing.

  3. Press pair on the phone. The unit will now pair and connect. The E50 will wake up,

    the blue LED will be illuminated and the default volume level will be displayed.

  4. If the phone has previously been paired it will connect straight away, without the need for steps 2 and 3.