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Systemline: How do I change the bluetooth name on the E50?
26 May 2016 by Craig Walker

Changing the Bluetooth name


The E50 is shipped with the default Bluetooth name “Systemline E50”. Where more than one E50 can be seen from the same Bluetooth source device each E50 can be renamed in order to distinguish one from another.

  1. Make sure that the E50 is in standby mode. Press and hold the standby and source keys at the same time until the white and green LEDs are illuminated.


  2. Press the source key until the blue LED is illuminated.

  3. Set a Bluetooth name between 1 and 10 by using the volume up and down keys to

    illuminate the corresponding number of LEDs.

  4. Press the standby key once to set the new Bluetooth name.

    The E50 will reboot with a new Bluetooth name of the form “Systemline E50 _n” where n = number of LEDS illuminated in step 3