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Select BT: What is a sub zone and how do I add one?
7 Dec 2016 by Craig Walker

A Select BT sub zone is a second set of speakers in a different room/area which can be turned on or off from the KB Sound app.


Examples would include:


Kitchen + Dining Room

Bedroom + En Suite

Kitchen + Garden


This way you could turn the en-suite off when it's not in use, and likewise in the kitchen you might not want the dining room to be on all the time so you could control whether the music is playing or not.




  • Both areas will play the same music.
  • If you connect more than one pair of active speakers to the sub-zone (which is possible) you would not be able to control the third/fourth/etc zones from the app. Turning the sub-zone off will turn off all speakers. 


Wiring Guide


KB Sound Select BT Slave Zone Wiring Diagram