Kitchen Radios

Kitchen Radios

So you want to listen to great quality music in your kitchen, but you can't install one of our discreet ceiling speaker systems as the kitchens already complete? No problem! Our range of under cabinet kitchen radios will help you listen to DAB+, FM Radio, bluetooth and even CD's without causing any damage or disruption to your finished kitchen!

They can be mounted discreetly under a kitchen cupboard out of harms way, they'll stand out just enough for your friends to take note. Music quality is great, easy to use and there are plenty of ways to enjoy your music.


Under Cabinet Kitchen Radios


If you're looking for a quick and easy way to add music to your kitchen then look no further than an under cabinet kitchen radio. We have under cabinet kitchen radios featuring DAB and FM Radio tuners. They are really easy to install, look stylish and provide a great sound experience.


Under Cabinet Kitchen CD Player


Looking to keep using your CD collection? No problem, we have some under cabinet kitchen CD players which will let you enjoy your favourite tracks. You can also stream bluetooth from your smart phone and play DAB/FM radio on some models!

These kitchen CD players provide an excellent and cost effective way of listening to your CD's in your kitchen.


Under Cabinet Internet Radio


If you want to listen to radio in the best quality possible then look no further than an under cabinet kitchen internet radio. You'll be able to listen to all your favorite local radio stations via their high quality internet streams.

You'll also be able to listen to internet only stations as well as internet radio stations from all around the world!


Under Cabinet Bluetooth Speakers


Most of our under cabinet radio systems also feature bluetooth streaming! This will let you stream your favourite music from your smart phone or tablet, easily!

You could even let your friends connect and play their music at dinner parties.

Bluetooth is supported on some of our kitchen radio models, please see the product descriptions for confirmation of availability.