Kitchen Radios

Kitchen Radios

The kitchen is the heart of your home, you naturally gravitate to the kitchen for entertaining, cooking, and dining. Our range of in ceiling radios and speakers are the perfect addition to your home, easy for all of the family to use and benefit from.

With systems such as the KB Sound iSelect you can discreetly install a DAB and FM radio with bluetooth streaming capabilities and watch the speakers blend in whilst providing room filling sound to entertain you and your family.

Our in ceiling radios are always there ready to play your music, no wires to tangle, no batteries to charge and no need to waste your precious counter space! Simply press play and enjoy your favourite radio station, or stream your favourite music service at the press of a button.


Types Of Radio Ceiling Speaker Systems


There are a few ways to add DAB/FM Radio to your kitchen:


1. In Wall DAB/FM Radio System

With an in wall radio system you will be able to listen to your favourite radio station at the touch of a button. The easy to use wall keypads are always there ready to be used and are easy for the whole family to enjoy their music. Some systems also include bluetooth connectivity or wireless music streaming.

Systems to look for: KB Sound Premium, Systemline E100, Retrotouch T2000


2. In Ceiling Radio Speaker

If you prefer a hidden radio system then look no further than a ceiling radio speaker such as the KB Sound iSelect range. Simple install the radio above the ceiling, connect to speakers and use the handy remote control to enjoy your favourite stations.

Systems to look for: KB Sound iSelect, Select, Plus