All-In-One Systems

All-In-One Systems

If you have a finished kitchen and don't want to install any wiring or cut holes in your ceiling then look no further than our range of countertop kitchen radios.

Our kitchen radios include audio sources such as DAB & FM radio tuners, Bluetooth streaming, CD and auxillary inputs - now you can play music from almost anything!

Enjoy your favourite radio station whilst cooking, stream internet music services whilst entertaining with friends, a good countertop kitchen radio will really improve your home life and impress your friends at dinner parties.


Types Of Freestanding Kitchen Radio


1. Countertop Hi-Fi System

For the ultimate sound without needing to install any wiring or cutting holes in your ceiling then look no further than a countertop hi-fi system. Simply place it on your worktop or kitchen furniture and enjoy radio stations, bluetooth streaming and other audio sources.

Systems to look for: Sonoro Radio, Sonoro CD2


2. Portable Radio

For a much more cost effective, portable solution look at our range of portable radios. Most of our radios are mains and battery powered so you can enjoy your music in your kitchen then take it with you to the garden or on days out etc.

Systems to look for: KitSound, Sonoro GO London


3. Bluetooth / Wi-FI Speaker

Portable bluetooth speakers are very popular, that's because they are really easy to use, sound great and you can take them with you wherever you go. Portable bluetooth speakers are ideal for finished kitchens where you can't get any new cabling around. Simple charge and play your music!

Systems to look for: GEAR4 Stream 1