Built In Radios

Built In Radios

Our built in kitchen radio and bluetooth speaker systems are ideal for when you have a really bespoke requirement. If you want to hide your system away or sink a stylish iPhone dock into your worktop then look no further.

Built in kitchen radios allow you to enjoy your favourite music whilst cooking or entertaining friends. Our systems are easy to use and provide room filling sound. Use our built in bluetooth speaker system for discreet audio and stream internet radio from your smart phone, let your friends connect their devices and play their music when entertaining.


Types Of Built In Radio System


1. In Wall Radio

In wall radio systems are very popular, they provide an easy to use keypad installed in the wall ready to play your favourite tunes. No remotes for children to run off with and no batteries to charge. These systems connect to ceiling speakers and feature DAB/FM radio tuners and bluetooth streaming.

Systems to look for: Systemline E100, Systemline E50, KB Sound Premium


2. In Ceiling Radio

In ceiling radios are discreet and can often be retro fitted to finished kitchens quite easily. A small radio module is installed above the ceiling and connected to ceiling speakers. The system is controlled by a very easy to use remote control that allows you to play your favourite radio station at the touch of a button. We have a built in ceiling radio solution for every budget and requirement.

Systems to look for: KB Sound iSelect, KB Sound Plus


3. Built In Radio

If you want to go fully integrated then we sell a range of bespoke built in products suitable for the most complex of kitchen radio installs. How about an integrated iPod dock right on your kitchen worktop? With our systems you can create a truly unique kitchen entertainment solution.

Systems to look for: Remo 2, Opalum Bluetooth Speaker