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Ceiling Speakers with Wall Keypad

Now you can enjoy your favourite music in the heart of your home, the kitchen. Our in wall kitchen radios are built in, easy to use and sound amazing!

You'll be able to play a range of music, at the touch of a button, including DAB and FM radio, audio inputs such as the TV or an iPod and the most popular function, bluetooth!

Our stylish in wall radio systems are always ready to play, no need to charge batteries or waste your counter space with large speaker systems, just a simple, stylish and easy to use in wall radio keypad connected to a pair of discreet in ceiling speakers. In wall radio systems are easy to install with minimal wiring required and make the perfect addition to any kitchen.

Take your kitchen to the next level, improve your home and impress your friends. Our systems include the best selling Systemline E100 and E200, Retrotouch's T2000 and more best sellers such as the KB Sound Premium and the Keene KLAB.