Kitchen Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

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Bluetooth is the easiest, quickest and most effective way of getting music from your smart phone, tablet or laptop to enjoy in your kitchen. Our range of bluetooth kitchen speakers are simple to use, high quality and will improve your home life as well as impressing your friends!

We have a large selection of bluetooth kitchen speakers including in wall bluetooth speakers and in ceiling bluetooth speakers. All of our systems are high quality and offer a superb room filling sound. Some also feature other music sources such as a DAB or FM radio and a 3.5mm audio input.

Simply stream from your smart phone and you'll be able to enjoy your favourite MP3's whilst entertaining friends, party to a streaming service such as Spotify or Deezer and listen to the radio whilst cooking your best meal. Our bluetooth kitchen speaker systems will significantly improve the time you spend in your kitchen!


Types Of Bluetooth Speaker System


There are a few options for adding bluetooth music to your kitchen:


1. In Wall Bluetooth Receiver

A simple wall mounted bluetooth receiver unit connects to ceiling speakers and allows you to simply stream your smart phone or tablet and play your music through the connected speakers. These systems are cost effective and very easy to use. Some of our systems can be hidden out of site and can also be retrofitted to an existing kitchen.

Systems to look for: KB Sound King BT, Systemline E50 


2. Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

Our range of bluetooth ceiling speakers are becoming very popular for their ease of installation, ease of use and their great sound qualities. Bluetooth ceiling speakers such as the Lithe Audio simply install into your ceiling, connect to a local power supply and then work in the same way as a portable bluetooth speaker, simply pair your phone and press play!

Systems to look for: Lithe Audio, Keene KLABXB, KB Sound Select BT


3. DAB/FM Radio System With Bluetooth Connectivity

For the ultimate system you could have an in wall or in ceiling radio unit that offers DAB & FM radio as well as bluetooth connectivity. This gives you the best of both worlds, you can enter your kitchen and listen to the radio at the touch of a button, or connect your phone and stream from the latest streaming services such as Spotify.

Systems to look for: Systemline E100