Happy Sound Guarantee | K&B Audio

Purchasing an audio product on the internet is not the easiest of tasks when you can't experience the most important factor - how good does it sound?

We only sell quality products that we're happy to have in our own homes.

But we don't expect you to simply trust that the products on our site are good quality, so we've implemented a few things to help give you confidence.

Each of these individual guarantees and warranties have been wrapped up into the K&B Audio Happy Sound Guarantee!


Happy Sound Guarantee


1. Unbeatable Returns Policy

2. EXTENDED Returns Period

3. EXTENDED Warranties

4. FREE Tech Support


1. THE BEST Returns & Exchange Policy

Quite simply, if you are not happy with the quality of the speaker(s) that you buy from us then you can either;


1) return all or part of your order and exchange or upgrade for a different system/speaker* or...

2) return them for a full refund


The ONLY question we will ask is "Can we help you choose a different system/speaker?".

Whilst we ask you that you please keep all original packaging until you are 100% happy with your system, we will still take back any system even if you no longer have the packaging - with NO re-stocking fees.


2. Extended Returns Period

We know that our products are often project based, we know you might be buying it now for installation a few weeks down the line.

So we've extended our returns period from the industry standard 14 days to a 30 days!

You can return the system for any reason during this period.** Please keep the packaging :)


3. Extended Product Warranties

Electronics are usually only covered by a one year warranty.

But we don't think that's good enough considering you have to cut holes in your ceiling!

We've managed to negotiate extended warranties with our best-selling brands that you won't get anywhere else.


Lithe Audio - 2 Year Standard, 1 Year Extended  = 3 YEARS TOTAL

Systemline - 2 Year Standard, 1 Year Extended = 3 YEARS TOTAL


Monitor Audio Passive Speakers - LIFETIME

Q Install Speakers -  5 YEAR WARRANTY


K&B Audio Lithe Audio Pro Partners
K&B Audio Systemline Elite Partners


Please check individual product pages for an accurate warranty length for that particular brand/product.


4. FREE Tech Support

When you choose to buy from us at K&B Audio you'll also get access to free technical support before, during and after your project.

We can help you with project design, specification of projects, how to wire and install all of the systems we offer.

Once you have your system installed we can also help with how to use it, how to get the most out of it and anything else you need assistance with.


* upgrade costs must be paid in accordance with the prices shown on our website.

** unless the goods are damaged on delivery or faulty the return postage costs are to be covered by you.