KB Sound Ceiling Radios

KB Sound Ceiling Radios


We are the premier dealer of KB Sound ceiling speakers for the UK. That means you get fast and free delivery, excellent support and design & installation advice.

KB Sound iSelect

The iSelect is the most popular ceiling radio from the KB Sound range. It features an FM and/or DAB radio tuner depending on your choice. It's simply installed in the ceiling, connected to your lighting power circuit. The complete kit is supplied with speaker cable and ceiling speakers which come in a choice of 2.5" speakers for smaller rooms and 5" speakers for larger rooms. You can also add a second pair of speakers for larger areas. The bluetooth option turns your KB Sound radio into a high quality music streaming ceiling radio system allowing you to enjoy your favourite music easily and without wires!


KB Sound Select BT

New for 2016, the KB Sound Select BT is a more cost effective system which features an excellent iOS or Android app control. It's the same great sound quality from the iSelect range, however instead of the handheld remote control you simply use the app to control the FM radio tuner or switch it to bluetooth mode. Once in bluetooth mode you can simply stream any music from any app on your phone, such as YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, iPod Music and much much more. The KB Sound Select BT is discreet, easy to install and even easier to use;


KB Sound Premium

If you prefer an in wall keypad to control your music then look no further than the KB Sound Premium system. Available with FM or DAB radio tuners and featuring 2.5" ceiling speakers it's easy to install, easy to use and very effective for kitchens and bedrooms. With a touch of a button you can be listening to your favourite radio station. Connect an iPod or CD player via the front auxillary input and you have plenty of options for music.


KB Sound Plus

The KB Sound Plus is a cost effective but fully featuered FM radio ceiling speaker. It's a complete kit including speaker wire. Once installed you can listen to your favourite FM radio station with a simple click of the remote control. It's cost-effective which makes it great for bathrooms or bedrooms.


KB Sound Basic

The Basic is the cheapest and simplest KB Sound ceiling radio. It features 2" ceiling speakers and an FM Radio tuner. Complete with basic remote control you can listen to your favourite music with just a button press of the remote control. Ideal for smaller bathrooms.


KB Sound Accessories

We carry a full range of KB Sound spares and accessories. If you lose or damage a remote control or fascia we can help! You can get replacement modules, power supplies and speakers. So trust that once installed your KB Sound ceiling radio will last a long time and you can easily gain spares and replacements if required.