FM Radio

FM Radio

Everyone has a favourite radio station, and we think you should be able to enjoy them in your home quickly and easily. Here you'll find a range of ceiling speaker systems with FM radios to compliment your home. Many of these systems also have other features such as DAB radio, Bluetooth Streaming & TV Connections.


In Ceiling FM Radio Systems


The KB Sound range of products all feature an FM radio tuner. With a touch of a button on the wall keypad or remote control you'll be enjoying music from the discreet ceiling speakers.


In Wall FM Radio Systems


With no remotes to lose or batteries to replace, an in wall FM radio may be the best solution for your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom! Once installed you can recall your favourite radio stations at the touch of a button.


Under Cabinet FM Radio Systems


These are popular for kitchens as they can easily be installed underneath the kitchen cabinets. Even in a finished kitchen! Now you can add FM radio to your kitchen quickly and easily.