Sauna Speakers

Sauna Speakers

If you have a home sauna then why not consider adding a speaker system so you can relax after a hard days work whislt listening to your favourite calming music. Our systems are easy to use and feature marine grade waterproof ceiling speakers that will stand the test of time in the harsh enviromnent of a sauna!


Amplifier Types


As you can imagine, putting an amplifier directly in a sauna is a bad idea! So our systems have remotely mounted amplifiers which can either be hidden out of sight above the sauna, or can be installed into the external wall for quick and easy control. 


Using Your System


We reccomend to use a radio station or a play list prior to entering the sauna, most of our systems are bluetooth from smart phones which you won't want to take into the sauna! One of our systems features an in wall mount for an iPod/iPhone to keep it safely out of harms way whilst giving easy access to the controls.