Garden Speakers

Garden Speakers

Easily add music to your garden with our ready to install garden audio kits. We have various options ranging from bluetooth to FM, DAB radio and even wireless streaming! Having speakers in your garden doesn't mean you'll annoy the neighbours! As with fast cars, it only goes as fast as you push the pedal, or as loud as you turn the volume! We will help you design a system that provides good coverage to your garden without annoying the neighbours! Garden audio is all about using the right speakers in the right locations.

Having a garden music system will really improve your BBQ's & other social events, as well as creating a nice relaxing atmosphere for summer breakfasts on the patio!


Speaker Options


With our kits you'll be able to choose from wall mounterd speakers, rock speakers, in ground spike speakers. We have a solution for every garden!


Amplifier Types


You can choose from a range of systems from hidden bluetooth amplifiers to powerful freestanding amplifiers for the biggest of gardens!

If you want a combination that isn't shown here, please feel free to contact us and we'll create you a bespoke package to suit your needs.