Kitchen + Patio Speakers

Kitchen + Patio Speakers

Bring the outside, in! If you've got an open plan kitchen that leads out onto a patio or decking area with beautiful sliding doors then you should consider adding some outdoor speakers to the area, extended from your kitchen radio system! Make the most of dinner parties and BBQ's with some high quality background music.


Speaker Types


There are numerous options for outdoor speakers including on-wall, rock speakers and even speakers that are disguised as plant pots!


Control Options


We reccomend in this scenario that the garden speakers can be isolated for when you only want to listen to the kitchen radio, we don't want you to annoy your neighbours! So our systems come with a speaker selector switch which allows you to control which area plays music. You could have the kitchen only, the garden only, or both on at the same time!

Some of our kitchen & garden radios systems can be controlled with your smart phone so you can easily choose which area you want to listen to wirelessly from your smart phone!