Kitchen + Dining Room Speakers

Kitchen + Dining Room Speakers

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, but with modern open-plan living nowadays kitchens are often much larger spaces incorporating dining and entertaining areas. 

We've created bespoke bundles suitable for use in kitchen & dining rooms consisting of additional speakers and control elements to make your dinner parties come to life.


Control Options


You have a few options with regard to control, you can simply add an additional pair of speakers so both areas play the same music at the same time.

You could introduce an A/B speaker selector switch which will allow you to easily choose whether you listen to the dining room only, the kitchen only, or both together.

Some of our systems even have app control so you can turn an area on and off remotely from your smart phone!


Making The Most Of Your Living Space


Our systems are designed to make the most of your living space, without costing a fortune! With our bundles you'll be able to achieve two rooms for not much more than the price of one room. No need to buy a second costly system.