Bedroom + En-Suite Speakers

Bedroom + En-Suite Speakers

Installed music systems in bedrooms are becoming more and more popular. Some even feature alarm clocks and sleep timers! But wouldn't it be nice to extend that capability to the en-suite? Well we make that easy!

Here you will find various bundles that will let you extend your music system to the en-suite.


Speaker Types


For the majority of en-suites we reccomend using a single stereo input ceiling speaker as they play both left and right audio channels from one physical speaker. This is great for smaller rooms where you might not otherwise fit a pair of 6.5" ceiling speakers.


Control Types


You won't spend all your time in the en-suite, so you don't really want the music to always be playing in there! That's why our systems include speaker selector switches to allow you to choose which room is playing music. You could have the bedroom on and the ensuite off, or the ensuite on and the bedroom off, or listen to both at the same time!


Handy Features


With some of our systems you can even connect your television into the speaker system, this way you can still listen to the TV whilst in the en-suite bathroom!