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Wall Keypad

Wall Keypad

We have a range of ceiling speaker amplifier systems that feature an in wall keypad. There are a lot of benefits to having an in wall keypad.


  • It's always there - you can't lose it and your kids can't run away with it.
  • It's always charged - there are no batteries as it's connected to the mains, so it's always ready to play your music!
  • It looks great! - Make your kitchen stand out with the stylish keypads that'll definetly get noticed at dinner parties.
  • Auxillary Inputs - Some feature a front mounted auxillary input so you can easily plug in an MP3 player.


Planning Considerations


Radio systems with in wall keypads are easy to install and are best planned into a kitchen refurbishment or replacement. They are pretty easy to install but you'll definetly want to do it when you can easily get cables around, before the decoration begins!