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HOW TO: Connect Extra Speakers To Your Amplifier

By 8 months ago 1313 Views No comments

For larger rooms you could install one of our systems that supports up to two pairs of speakers.

But how do you connect them all up?

How Many Speakers Can I Add To A System?

By 1 years ago 933 Views No comments

The great thing about our radio systems is that you can often add more than one pair of speakers, this is great for larger rooms.

It's also great for splitting rooms such as bedroom and en-suite. One system but two rooms with music!

But how many speakers can you add to our systems?

Are Fire Hoods A Requirement For Ceiling Speakers?

By Neil Taylor 1 years ago 4655 Views No comments

So you're fitting ceiling speakers. Have you thought about building regulations? If you're an installer or end-user you should read this first and we'll overview the fire regulations.