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New KB Sound Select BT Slave Amplifier Launched

By 1 years ago 737 Views No comments

KB Sound release a slave amplifier for the KB Sound Select BT enabling you to add audio to two areas of your home and control from the app.

Perfect for kitchens and dining rooms or bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms.

Top 5 Bluetooth Kitchen Speakers

By 2 years ago 9749 Views No comments

Looking to add music to your kitchen but not sure what to choose?

We've rounded up the best selling top 5 ceiling speaker systems for your kitchen based on our experienced and more importantly, our customers experiences!

Take a look at the top features and what makes them so good...

Understand The Bathroom Zone Regulations For Ceiling Speakers

By Craig Walker 2 years ago 8088 Views No comments

Can I put a speaker in my bathroom? What do I need to think about? Don't worry, we'll answer those questions and more in here...

Top 5 Bluetooth Bathroom Speakers

By Craig Walker 3 years ago 47549 Views No comments

Find out the top 5 bluetooth bathroom speakers that will transform your bathroom without costing a fortune! Read on to find out more!