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Connecting Your TV To Your Ceiling Speaker System

By Craig Walker 1 years ago 11260 Views No comments

A television is not an uncommon site in a kitchen, or a bedroom. And if you're installing a ceiling speaker system then you might want to consider connecting it to your television.

Once connected you'll be able to listen to the TV with better sound quality from the ceiling speakers. Here you'll find out how to make that connection!

How Amazon Echo Will Change The Way You Listen To Music Forever

By Craig Walker 1 years ago 1160 Views No comments

Amazon Echo is now in the UK and it gives you voice control over many things. But did you know it'll work with most of our ceiling speaker systems?

Common Buying Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

By Craig Walker 2 years ago 688 Views No comments

We've rounded up a few of the common buying mistakes we've seen and added them here with the aim of helping you avoid making the same mistakes.

This post will get added to as and when we see an issue that needs explaining. Our main aim is to continue to improve our website, product pages and information so these mistakes are happening less and less now.