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PRODUCT LAUNCH: MIER Contralto 40W Integrated Bluetooth Sound Bar

By 2 years ago 1036 Views No comments

PRODUCT LAUNCH!! We are very pleased to be chosen to help launch the new Contralto Sound Bar from Music In Every Room.

Why Does My Wireless Speaker Need Wires?

By 2 years ago 4998 Views No comments

When we speak to customers and ask what they're looking for, the term "wireless" comes up a lot!

But it's often mis-interpreted, what does it mean when we say our systems are "wireless"?

Find out by reading on...

Designing Your Bathroom? 4 Things To Consider When Adding A Bathroom TV

By 2 years ago 2292 Views 1 comment

Bathroom TV's are great!

They are also more cost effective than ever, but there's a few things you'll want to consider at bathroom design stage if you're going to add a bathroom TV to your new bathroom.

How Many Speakers Can I Add To A System?

By 2 years ago 1242 Views No comments

The great thing about our radio systems is that you can often add more than one pair of speakers, this is great for larger rooms.

It's also great for splitting rooms such as bedroom and en-suite. One system but two rooms with music!

But how many speakers can you add to our systems?

One Speaker Or Two? Options For Smaller Rooms

By Craig Walker 2 years ago 1572 Views No comments

We're not all lucky enough to have huge rooms. So finding space for two x 220mm wide speakers on your ceiling can sometimes be a bit tricky. Not to mention over-kill!

If you have a smaller bathroom, kitchen or even a bedroom then here are your options.

Why You Should Choose Ceiling Speakers For Your Kitchen Refurb!

By Bill Young 3 years ago 4922 Views No comments

If you're refurbishing your kitchen then now is the time to add a cost-effective speaker system. Discreet in-ceiling speakers will give you an amazing sound and easy to use system. And it's cheaper than you'd think...

Understand The Bathroom Zone Regulations For Ceiling Speakers

By Craig Walker 3 years ago 8397 Views No comments

Can I put a speaker in my bathroom? What do I need to think about? Don't worry, we'll answer those questions and more in here...

​Don’t renovate your bathroom until you read this article!

By Bill Young 3 years ago 1785 Views No comments

If you are about to renovate your bathroom then you really need to read this article before it's too late! We'll give you some pointers about planning for a bathroom radio system.

Top 5 Bluetooth Bathroom Speakers [Updated For 2019!]

By Craig Walker 3 years ago 50212 Views No comments

Find out the top 5 bluetooth bathroom speakers that will transform your bathroom without costing a fortune! Read on to find out more!