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Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Improvements

Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Improvements
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The Lithe Audio bluetooth ceiling speakers have proved a very popular product. They are really easy to install, easy to use, and sound great. What more could you want?

However, there have been some minor improvements which make it an even better product!

As of February 2017 all single master and pairs of Lithe Audio speakers (not the IP44 bathroom versions) will be shipped with two great new features.

1. Volume Limit Switch

Want to put a speaker in the kids room but worried you'll spend too much time telling them to turn it down?

Worry no more! These now have a volume limit switch which sets the maximum volume to 50% of the maximum.

This is perfect for kids rooms, for commercial uses like hotel rooms, spas, treatment rooms, showrooms etc.

Simply toggle the switch when you install the speaker, and don't worry, a simple toggle gets your other 50% volume back if you ever need it!

2. Stereo Sound

Previously the Lithe Audio bluetooth ceiling speakers played in bridged mono, this still sounds great and has some other benefits for different room layouts and split rooms i.e kitchen / dining room.

However if you're using them in one room you can now simply set them to stereo mode! Just toggle the switch by the audio input on the rear of the speaker.

These are now standard features, same great price.

If you have any queries about these great new features then please get in touch with us by email or on the phone by calling 02392 006118.