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3 Ways To Improve The Sound From Your TV

By 1 years ago 884 Views No comments

Life is full of compromises; if you want a large screen TV with a great quality picture that also looks great on your living room wall, you want it to be as slim as possible.

But how do you make it sound better? Here's three of the most common audio systems to improve your television watching experience!

HOW TO: Connect Extra Speakers To Your Amplifier

By 2 years ago 2509 Views No comments

For larger rooms you could install one of our systems that supports up to two pairs of speakers.

But how do you connect them all up?

What Is Bluetooth Re-Naming & Why Is It Important?

By 2 years ago 1358 Views No comments

What happens if you have more than one bluetooth system around your home?

Why Does My Wireless Speaker Need Wires?

By 2 years ago 4998 Views No comments

When we speak to customers and ask what they're looking for, the term "wireless" comes up a lot!

But it's often mis-interpreted, what does it mean when we say our systems are "wireless"?

Find out by reading on...

How To: Voice Controlled Speaker System with Amazon Echo & Lithe Audio

By Craig Walker 3 years ago 5963 Views No comments

Mini guide on how to create a voice controlled speaker system in your home. We use the Lithe Audio bluetooth ceiling speaker and the Amazon Echo Dot to create an amazing voice controlled system!

Are Fire Hoods A Requirement For Ceiling Speakers?

By Craig Walker 3 years ago 8909 Views No comments

So you're fitting ceiling speakers. Have you thought about building regulations? If you're an installer or end-user you should read this first and we'll overview the fire regulations.

Understand The Bathroom Zone Regulations For Ceiling Speakers

By Craig Walker 3 years ago 8397 Views No comments

Can I put a speaker in my bathroom? What do I need to think about? Don't worry, we'll answer those questions and more in here...