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3 Ways To Improve The Sound From Your TV

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Life is full of compromises; if you want a large screen TV with a great quality picture that also looks great on your living room wall, you want it to be as slim as possible.

But how do you make it sound better? Here's three of the most common audio systems to improve your television watching experience!

K&B Audio Become Systemline Elite Partner + Extended Warranties

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We are proud to announce that Tech 4 Homes Ltd (K&B Audio) have been awarded "Systemline Elite" Partner Status for 2018.

Read on to find out how this benefits you!

Top 5 Amazon Echo Compatible Ceiling Speakers For 2018

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So you want to summon Alexa and get music on demand but you'd rather enjoy it in high quality room filling sound?

No problem, here's the top 5 ceiling speaker systems that work with Amazon's Echo Dot.

Kitchen & Bathroom Radio Shop Becomes K&B Audio

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We've had a rebrand and a company refresh.

Find out everything to know here.

Lithe Audio Nano Suction Smart Phone or Tablet Stand Now In Stock

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We're committed to not only bring you the best in home audio, but also the best and most useful accessories to go with it!

So when Lithe Audio sent us a sample of the new phone stand we were very excited!

Read on to find out why you really must get one!

New KB Sound Select BT Slave Amplifier Launched

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KB Sound release a slave amplifier for the KB Sound Select BT enabling you to add audio to two areas of your home and control from the app.

Perfect for kitchens and dining rooms or bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms.

Coupon Code for September 2017 – 10% Off Bathroom Televisions

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Renovating the bathroom? Why not add a bathroom TV and save 10% during September only!

Top 5 Bluetooth Kitchen Speakers

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Looking to add music to your kitchen but not sure what to choose?

We've rounded up the best selling top 5 ceiling speaker systems for your kitchen based on our experienced and more importantly, our customers experiences!

Take a look at the top features and what makes them so good...

Coupon Code for August 2017 – 10% Off Everything

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Take advantage of a 10% discount on all items at www.kitchenbathroomradio.co.uk.co.uk during August!

PRODUCT LAUNCH: MIER Contralto 40W Integrated Bluetooth Sound Bar

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PRODUCT LAUNCH!! We are very pleased to be chosen to help launch the new Contralto Sound Bar from Music In Every Room.