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  1. Tangent Ampster 2 HI-FI Bluetooth Amplifier Overview

    Hi, I’m Aiden from K&B Audio and today we are looking at the Tangent Ampster BT 2.


    This is a compact but powerful counter top amplifier made by Tangent. Tangent is a Danish company that has been creating great audio products since 1996 and the Ampster BT 2 is the second generation to the award winning amplifier.


    What is so good about this amplifier?


    Well first of all the sheer power that this amp produces. It has been rated at 50w per channel at 4 ohms with a frequency of 20hz to 20 Khz. You can have up to 4 Ceiling Speakers connected to the amp which makes it perfect for longer or bigger rooms such as kitchen and dining rooms and there is also a sub woofer output so you’re able to get that extra bass kick when paired with an active sub woofer.


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  2. Systemline E50 vs Systemline E100 - What's The Difference?

    If you’ve seen two of our most popular systems and are wondering what the differences are then look no further. Both systems are great and have key unique selling points that will appeal to different people.
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  3. 5 Pro Design Tips To Save You Money With Sonos Ceiling Speakers

    We know that Sonos can be expensive, and whilst it’s worth every penny there are a few pro installer tips to help you save some cash without affecting the performance of your system.

    Below you’ll find five pro tips with real world scenarios where we are regularly saving our customers money and in some cases making the system better and easier to use in practice.

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  4. Multiroom Audio vs Multizone Audio: What’s The Difference?

    If you’re looking for ways to enjoy music around your home then you’ve potentially seen whole home audio systems referred to in a number of ways such as: Multiroom audio Multizone audio Whole home audio And maybe you’re wondering what the difference is, if any?

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  5. K&B Audio Awarded Lithe Audio Pro Partner - Certified Product Experts!

    We are proud to announce that we have been awarded "Pro Partner" status by Lithe Audio.

    This is a very selective award which comes with some great benefits to you, our customers. Find out more here...

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