Portable Radios

Portable Radios

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We have a range of portable speakers and portable radios, these are ideal for placing in the bathroom and listening to the radio whilst getting ready for work, or enjoying some music whilst you're relaxing in the bath after a busy day.

Portable radios and portable speakers are multi purpose, you can take it with you to the kitchen, bedroom, garden and even out and about.


Types Of Radios Available


1. Portable Radios

These are battery powered, hand held radio systems with built in speakers and an FM and/or DAB radio tuner. Some also feature additional connectivity options such as a 3.5mm audio input or bluetooth so you can stream from your phone.


2. Portable Bluetooth Speakers

These are becoming very popular for their ease of use and increasingly better sound quality. Simply pair your phone and play your favourite music from your smart phone or tablet including internet radio and music streaming services.