Bathroom Radios

Bathroom Radios

Bathrooms are a very popular choice for radio systems, what better way to enjoy a bath than by listening to your favourite music? With our in ceiling bathroom radios you'll be able to listen to DAB & FM radio stations at the press of a button and stream music from your phone including streaming services such as Deezer or Spotify. 

Our in ceiling bathroom radio systems come complete with remote controls for ease of use, don't risk your precious smart phone falling in the bath!

The most popular in ceiling bathroom radio is the KB Sound iSelect range, these feature an easy to use remote control allowing you to play DAB & FM radio as well as bluetooth streaming from your smartphone or tablet. The KB Sound iSelect is easy to install in most new or existing bathrooms and are a cost effective way to make the most of your bathroom!


Types of Bathroom Ceiling Radio


There are a number of ways to enjoy the radio in your bathroom:


1. In Ceiling Radio System

With an in ceiling radio system you'll be able to listen to your favourite radio stations using the remote control. Some of our in ceiling radios also feature a bluetooth receiver which will allow you to stream your favourite music from your smart phone or tablet.

Systems to look for: KB Sound iSelect, KB Sound Select


2. In Wall Radio System

If you prefer to have a keypad in the wall with quick and easy access to your favourite radio stations then look no further than an in wall radio system. Featuring DAB and/or FM radio stations you'll be able to relax in the bath to your favourite tunes from the discreet in ceiling speakers.

Systems to look for: Systemline E100