Amazon Echo Multi Room Audio Guide

Amazon Echo
Multi Room Audio Guide

Learn how to create a multi room audio ceiling speaker system with Amazon Echo.

In late 2017 Amazon released multi room audio support for the Echo devices allowing you to syncronise music play back across multiple Amazon Echo devices.

This is BIG for home audio, especially for a lot of our customers using Amazon Echo compatible ceiling speakers. 

It's now easier than ever to create a fully featured, easy to use voice controlled multi room audio system without spending a fortune!

This page will tell you everything you need to know about multi room audio with Amazon Echo!

Black Amazon Echo Dot




  1. What The Amazon Echo Is
  2. What You Can Achieve With Amazon Echo Multi Room Audio
  3. Prerequisites For Multi Room Audio With Alexa
  4. Best Ceiling Speaker Systems For Amazon Multi Room Audio
  5. How To Set Up Amazon Echo Multi Room Audio
  6. Amazon Echo Multi Room Limitations

1. What The Amazon Echo Is


For those of you who are new to the Amazon Echo we'll quickly go over what the Amazon Echo is and what it can do.

The Amazon Echo comes in various forms, from the smallest DOT which is designed to connect to other speaker systems, the 2nd Generation Echo which features a built in speaker of reasonable quality and the Echo Spot which features a small colour display for watching videos, information etc. etc.

As you're on our site then you probably want a higher quality audio experience with discreet ceiling speakers, so when we talk Amazon Echo we most often are referring to the cheapest Echo DOT as this links up to most of our speaker systems with ease.

Once you have an Amazon Echo you can stream music from Spotify, Amazon Music & many more. You can control connected home devices such as lights, heating and much more. All by asking Alexa!


2. What You Can Achieve With Amazon Echo Multi Room Audio


Originally the Amazon Echo was a single room solution. Say you're in the kitchen, you'd ask Alexa for some internet radio via TuneIN and it'll play in the kitchen.

Great Stuff!

But now with Multi Room you can create "Groups" of speakers.

Let's put an Echo in the kitchen and another one in the lounge. You can then add these to a group called for instance "downstairs".

Now you can ask Alexa to play some internet radio in the "downstairs" and it'll play the same music across both of the speakers in that group!

It really doesn't get much simpler than that, it's an absolutely perfect solution for most basic multi-room audio requirements.


Amazon Echo Multi Room Audio Groups

3. Prerequisites For Multi Room Audio With Alexa


Fortunately it's pretty easy to get started with Amazon Echo Multi Room Audio!

You could just buy some Amazon Echo's, place them around your home and use them for multi room streaming, but let's be honest, the speaker isn't the best! It would be much better to connect them into one of our high quality ceiling speaker systems for high quality music along with the easy voice control.

So here's what you'll need per room:

  • Amazon Echo Dot
  • Ceiling Speaker System
  • Audio Connection Cable

The most important thing to take into account here is that Amazon Echo Multi Room does not work via bluetooth so to take advantage of it you will need to connect the Amazon Echo Dot in via a cable.


4. Best Ceiling Speaker Systems For Amazon Multi Room Audio


Now you know what Amazon Echo Multi Room Audio and what you need to get it in your own home you're probably wondering what ceiling speaker systems are the best to go for...

Technically you can connect any ceiling speaker system with a line input, however one key thing to consider is the on/off button!

If you want a truly button-less voice controlled system then you want a system that automatically turns on when you ask for music.

The best systems for this is the Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers and the K&B Audio Bluetooth Express systems.

Both of these feature auto-on inputs, as soon as they pick up audio from the connected Echo Dot they will turn on and start playing.

You can also use the Systemline E100, Systemline E50 and Tangent Ampster BT - all will work great, but you'll need to press the on button first..


Lithe Audio Ceiling Speakers For Amazon Echo Multi Room Audio


Lithe Audio Ceiling Speakers

PROS: All-In-One Speaker, Easy To Install, Easy To Use

K&B Audio Bluetooth Express For Amazon Echo Multi Room Audio


K&B Bluetooth Express

PROS: Connect Any Speakers, Easy To Use, High Quality Amplifier

5. How To Set Up Amazon Echo Multi Room Audio


Finally we come onto the bit you've been waiting for, how to set up Amazon Echo Multi Room Audio!

For this guide we'll use a Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker and an Amazon Echo Dot.


Getting The Speaker Ready


First we need to connect up the speaker, this is quite simply plugging a cable from the Amazon Echo dot audio output (3.5mm) to the audio input (RCA) on the Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker.

Whilst you can technically hide the Amazon Echo away if you're never going to use it for voice activation, we'd recommend keeping it on display somewhere and wiring down with one of our 5 or 10m audio connection cables, available here.

For this guide we've assumed you have already set up your Amazon Echo Dot onto your Amazon account and your WiFi



Step 1: Plug the 3.5mm audio cable end into the Amazon Echo Dot


Step 2: Plug the RCA audio cable end into the Lithe Audio ceiling speaker


Step 3: Power on the speaker & the Amazon Echo Dot


Repeat the same process for each speaker and Echo Dot in each room you want to have music in.


Setting Up The Alexa App


Now that your speakers are ready to go, we need to set up the Alexa app!



Step 1: Add your Amazon Echo's to your Alexa Account, then press "Multi-Room Music" on the settings page.


Step 2: Name your group, for this guide we've chosen "Downstairs".


Step 3: Select which of your Echo's will play in this group.


Step 4: Alexa will now start setting up your Echo's, this may take a few minutes.


Step 5: Once successful you should see this page with the freshly created group!


Step 6: Say "Alexa, play music downstairs" and start enjoying your music!


6. Amazon Echo Multi Room Pro's, Con's and Limitations


Hopefully now you have a good understanding of how multi room audio works with Amazon Echo and ceiling speakers.

It's an all round good solution, especially for the money!

There are a few limitations and key points I wanted to go over before we end this guide.

  • You must connect the Echo Dot via audio cable, not bluetooth, it won't work!
  • You can create as many groups as you want, but you can only add each Echo to one group at a time. So if you have a "downstairs" group featuring the kitchen you can't also have an "everywhere" group featuring the kitchen. So bare that in mind when creating your groups
  • You can use each room separately at the same time. OR synchronise rooms via the groups.
  • You can now add the free-standing Echo speaker into your home AS WELL AS ceiling speakers, keep everything working in harmony and add music to places you maybe couldn't before...


Conclusion & Final Notes


I really hope that you've found our guide useful and informative. We've been playing with Amazon Echo Multi Room Music for a while now and have to say it really does work well.

It's featured enough for most home requirements and is also a great way of linking up rooms such as Kitchen & Dining Room or Bedroom & En Suite with separate Lithe Audio speakers that otherwise wouldn't be able to talk with each other.

Amazon's Alexa is here to stay and it is increasing in popularity, our job is to help you take advantage of Alexa in high-quality room filling sound!

As always if you have any further questions or want to talk to our experts about getting Amazon Echo Multi Room audio in your home then please call us on 02392 006118