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Systemline E200 In Wall Kitchen Radio

The Systemline E200 is an in wall kitchen radio system which features a DAB and FM radio tuner and auxillary input. The E200BT bundle comes complete with a QED uPlay bluetooth receiver to allow you to stream music from your bluetooth enabled device to your Systemline E200 kitchen radio system.

Systemline E100 In Wall Kitchen Radio

The Systemline E100 is the latest in wall kitchen radio system, it features a sleek and stylish in wall face plate with built in amplifier, built in DAB & FM radio tuner and built in bluetooth. The Systemline E100 also features a 3.5mm audio input which will allow you to connect another audio device such as a TV or CD player etc. The Systemline E100 is easy to install and comes complete with everything you need, including speaker cables.

Systemline Spares

We can provide replacement parts for Systemline including the E200 remote control. If you require something that isn't listed on our website please contact us and we will be happy to help.


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  • Systemline S7 NetAmp Front

    Systemline S7 Two Zone NetAmp Amplifier


  • Systemline S7 NetServer Side

    Systemline S7 NetServer Music Server


  • Systemline S7 Mini NetServer Side

    Systemline S7 Mini NetServer - 4 Zone Music Server


  • Systemline S7 LIM Local Input Module Side

    Systemline S7 Local Input Module (LIM)


  • Systemline S7 KPS11 KeyPad

    Systemline S7 KPS11 KeyPad


  • Systemline S7 KPS3 Keypad

    Systemline S7 KP3 KeyPad


  • Systemline S7 USB Hub Front

    Systemline S7 USB Hub


  • Systemline S7 Rack Adapter Front

    Systemline S7 19" Rack Mount Adapter


  • Systemline S7 Cabinet Front

    Systemline S7 Cabinet


  • Systemline S7 TPM8 In Wall iPad Mount

    Systemline S7 TPM8 S7 8" Touch Panel Mount For iPad Mini


  • Systemline S7 TPM4 In Walll iPod Touch Mount

    Systemline S7 TPM4 4" Touch Panel Mount For iPod Touch


  • Systemline S7 Net Power 100W Amplifier Front

    Systemline S7 100W Net Power Amplifier


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