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Top 5 Bluetooth Kitchen Speakers

By 1 month ago 2785 Views No comments

Looking to add music to your kitchen but not sure what to choose?

We've rounded up the best selling top 5 ceiling speaker systems for your kitchen based on our experienced and more importantly, our customers experiences!

Take a look at the top features and what makes them so good...

What Is Bluetooth Re-Naming & Why Is It Important?

By 4 months ago 694 Views No comments

What happens if you have more than one bluetooth system around your home?

It's Not Too Late! 3 Ways To Add Music To A Finished Kitchen

By 4 months ago 707 Views No comments

So you've finished your kitchen but now you've found our website and wished you'd found it sooner?

Don't panic! It might not be too late!

There are some options to add music to a finished kitchen. Some are more feasible than others, it really depends on your kitchen.

Read on for some ideas...!

Top 4 Sonos Alternatives For Ceiling Speakers

By 7 months ago 2844 Views No comments

See our line up of the top four alternatives to a Sonos ceiling speaker system. Complete with price comparisons!

Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Improvements

By 8 months ago 1823 Views No comments

The Lithe Audio bluetooth ceiling speakers have proved a very popular product. They are really easy to install, easy to use, and sound great. What more could you want?

However, there have been some minor improvements which make it an even better product!

As of February 2017 all single master and pairs of Lithe Audio speakers (not the IP44 bathroom versions) will be shipped with two great new features.

How To: Voice Controlled Speaker System with Amazon Echo & Lithe Audio

By Craig Walker 11 months ago 2406 Views No comments

Mini guide on how to create a voice controlled speaker system in your home. We use the Lithe Audio bluetooth ceiling speaker and the Amazon Echo Dot to create an amazing voice controlled system!

How Amazon Echo Will Change The Way You Listen To Music Forever

By Craig Walker 11 months ago 817 Views No comments

Amazon Echo is now in the UK and it gives you voice control over many things. But did you know it'll work with most of our ceiling speaker systems?

Top 5 Bluetooth Bathroom Speakers

By Craig Walker 1 years ago 17147 Views No comments

Find out the top 5 bluetooth bathroom speakers that will transform your bathroom without costing a fortune! Read on to find out more!

Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

By Site Owner 1 years ago 1532 Views No comments

This Bluetooth ceiling loudspeaker delivers powerful and wireless clear sound. With integrated Amplifier and Bluetooth technology this all in one solution is not only quick and easy to install it delivers top quality sound.

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