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October 2016

How To: Voice Controlled Speaker System with Amazon Echo & Lithe Audio

By Craig Walker 9 months ago 1978 Views No comments

Mini guide on how to create a voice controlled speaker system in your home. We use the Lithe Audio bluetooth ceiling speaker and the Amazon Echo Dot to create an amazing voice controlled system!

Are Fire Hoods A Requirement For Ceiling Speakers?

By Neil Taylor 9 months ago 2414 Views No comments

So you're fitting ceiling speakers. Have you thought about building regulations? If you're an installer or end-user you should read this first and we'll overview the fire regulations.

How Amazon Echo Will Change The Way You Listen To Music Forever

By Craig Walker 9 months ago 674 Views No comments

Amazon Echo is now in the UK and it gives you voice control over many things. But did you know it'll work with most of our ceiling speaker systems?

Why You Should Choose Ceiling Speakers For Your Kitchen Refurb!

By Bill Young 9 months ago 1444 Views No comments

If you're refurbishing your kitchen then now is the time to add a cost-effective speaker system. Discreet in-ceiling speakers will give you an amazing sound and easy to use system. And it's cheaper than you'd think...

5 Reasons Why Music In Your Kitchen Will Improve Your Life

By Craig Walker 9 months ago 713 Views No comments

Everyone loves music of some kind, pop, rock classical... this article goes over 5 reasons why we think music will improve your life!

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